Bar Laika
Located in Clinton Hill and designed by architects Nikolaus Hirsch and Michel Müller, Bar Laika was conceived with both our local neighborhood and the extended artistic community in mind. Our food menu is based on local Atlantic seafood and farm fresh and foraged vegetables, and is a result of a decade-long collaboration between e-flux and Hsiao Chen, an artist and chef. The cocktail list is organized by Danna Vajda, an artist and bartender, and the wines are selected by sommelier Florence Barth. The music is selected by DJ Sanna Almajedi, and an extensive program of screenings, talks, and readings is organized by Lily Lewis and Anton Vidokle, with help from Ingrid Erstad, a curator and chef. Come have a drink with us!

Image: Anri Sala, Intervista (film still), 1998.


on October 24th, 2018